Hadoop translation rules for kerberos principals


We know that HDFS supports Kerberos authentication , but how does HDFS map the Kerberos principals to local unix/linux usernames?

Before we begin this topic, lets first understand what a Kerberos principal consists of ,

For example given following principal,we can see there are two componets

there is a realm component DOMAIN.COM and user component hdfs , sometimes user component will comprise of two sub components separated by / . hdfs/admin@DOMAIN.COM

Why convert Kerberos principal to local user ?

HDFS uses ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping by default , which means it uses linux/unix commands to fetch the group details of a particular user (i.e id username). The group details are further utilized for access control check on HDFS files and folders.

How does HDFS convert principal to local user ?

HDFS translates Kerberos principals using set of regex rules defined in core-site.xml. The hadoop.security.auth_to_local property contains the regex rules.

The default rule is to strip the realm name from the principal ,

i.e hdfs@DOMAIN.COM is converted to hdfs.

The regex pattern is similar to regex in Perl.

Lets look at one of the translation rule, it has 3 parts base , filter and substitution



The base uses $0 to represent the realm, $1 for the first component and $2 means the second component in username.

For example
consider principal hdfs/admin@DOMAIN.COM ,
here DOMAIN.COM is $0, $1 is admin and $2 is admin.

Filter :
In the following example we are filtering hdfs@DOMAIN.COM

Substitution :
Finally substituting the hdfs@DOMAIN.COM with hdfs. (/hdfs/)

How to test your rules ?

Use the following command to test your regex translation rules

hadoop org.apache.hadoop.security.HadoopKerberosName hdfs@DOMAIN.COM
Name: hdfs@DOMAIN.COM to hdfs

If there are no rules defined the command fails with following error

hadoop org.apache.hadoop.security.HadoopKerberosName hdfs@TEST.COM
Exception in thread “main” org.apache.hadoop.security.authentication.util.KerberosName$NoMatchingRule: No rules applied to hdfs@TEST.COM
at org.apache.hadoop.security.authentication.util.KerberosName.getShortName(KerberosName.java:389)
at org.apache.hadoop.security.HadoopKerberosName.main(HadoopKerberosName.java:82)


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